On Choosing The Right Financial Planner


You have a decent job, a good enough salary, a healthy portfolio of stocks, bonds, 410(k) funds, and an aggressive savings plan. What can possibly go wrong? Perhaps nothing will, yet you are overwhelmed by a vast array of financial options. You want to feel protected even more because insecurity about your future bugs you. What will happen tomorrow if something happens to me? Are my wife and children protected?

Kenneth Brackett of Lighthouse Financial

Kenneth Brackett of Lighthouse Financial

These are the kind of uncertainties that trouble most people – no matter what their age is. Even an apparently sound net worth cannot provide financial security if the liabilities and responsibilities of the future are challenging. Saving for a home, children’s education, and adequate retirement benefits are essential burdens you cannot escape. The task can be daunting. In such situations the only way out is to seek the services of a financial planner like Lighthouse Financial. Financial planners like Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial can help ordinary people decide what to do with their stocks and bonds and which insurance policy to buy. Unless people understand the financial sector well, investing can be an intimidating business. Most people do not understand this sector at all.

Yet, what is it that prevents people from hiring a competent financial planner like Kenneth Brackett? Steep fees could be one issue. Most financial consultants charge 1 to 2 percent of a person’s assets as fees for money and wealth management services. Some may consider this to be expensive but when you consider the losses that one can incur by making costly mistakes, the 1 to 2 percent is not that expensive after all.

Consulting a financial professional is essential because the financial scene these days is becoming increasingly intricate. It is tricky even for those who profess themselves to be experts to handle tax laws, mortgage alternatives, and various investment strategies. You can well imagine what the situation is for a novice investor. You ultimately will have to fall back on reliable financial planners like Lighthouse Financial if handling your investments  becomes too complex.


Once you have decided to hire a financial planner, do not hesitate to ask questions. Here are a few you must not miss.


What experience does the firm have?

Ask the firm how long they have been in business. You need to ascertain whether they have experience in handling situations similar to your financial needs.

What are their qualifications?

Many run-of–the–mill consultants pass off as financial experts. Therefore, look for a planner like Lighthouse Financial who has proved experience in tax planning, insurance, stocks and bonds, and retirement planning.

Ask the firm to be specific on the type of services it provides

Remember, all firms are not authorized to sell security products like mutual funds, stocks, and bonds, unless they have proper licenses. Some financial planners offer advice on a range of topics like estate planning and retirement planning but do not sell securities. Others offer services only in tax matters.

Get to know your financial planner’s approach

Yes, this is important. Firms like Lighthouse Financial, owned by Ken Brackett can build a custom strategy for you at no cost. They can develop one overall plan by combining together all of your goals or offer advice on a specific topic.

The bottom line is – hiring a financial planner helps for the long term, and helps to protect against costly mistakes. So, it is prudent to avoid managing your portfolio on your own. Lighthouse Financial can foresee situations you cannot. You will not regret you sought advice from Kenneth Brackett.